COVID-19 Gym Update Announcement

Focus Fitness members,

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding throughout these difficult times. We are now very pleased to announce that we are permitted to reopen. We can’t express how glad we are to have you all back and to continue providing a safe facility for all your fitness needs.

As of 12:01 AM on Monday, May 4th, you will once again have full 24/7 access to the gym.

We ask that you please review all the information below and complete the appropriate steps before returning to the gym.

Gym Regulations

The state of Arkansas has issued a list of guidelines for reopening. In order to ensure that we keep our gym safe for everyone and that we’re allowed to remain open, please read the following information carefully before returning to the gym.

  • Before you work out, please complete the pre-screening survey and acknowledgment form located directly inside the member door.
  • Members and staff should wear a face covering, except when actively exercising.
  • Showers should not be used during this time.
  • The provided sanitizer must be used to spray down all equipment after each use.
    Spray down equipment directly before drying (instead of just spraying a paper towel).
  • Maintain a distance of 12 feet while exercising.
  • Members should not come to the gym if feeling ill.
  • No entry for:
    -Recent travelers to N.Y., N.J., Conn., New Orleans, overseas
    -Those with fever, symptoms, or recent contact with COVID-19 patient
    -Anyone with compromised immune systems or chronic diseases


If you have any questions regarding this transition, please reach out to General Manager, Shane at 479.518.8524.

Thank you again so much for your patience and understanding during this time.
We appreciate you all so much!


The Focus Fitness Team
Blake and Sarah Moorer, Owners
Shane Morris, General Manager