Gym Cleaning Announcement

Focus Fitness members,

In response to public concern about the coronavirus, we just wanted to reach out and assure everyone that we are taking additional measures as a precaution throughout this time. In addition to our current cleaning routine for the gym, we are now setting aside time to schedule any high-contact areas of the gym – barbells, dumbbells, doorknobs, faucets, towel dispensers, cardio equipment handles, handles of weight machines, etc.

On the part of our members, we will just again remind you to spray down the equipment after you’re finished using it. Though members have already made it a good habit to do this, we wanted to take an opportunity to specifically request that you spray down the equipment when wiping it down (instead of just spraying it on a paper towel before doing so). Other than practical measures that are specific to the gym, we recommend that everyone practice the appropriate habits until this time passes, such as washing hands and refraining from touching your face after touching surfaces in public places. Above all, we urge members to always err on the side of the caution and stay home if they possibly feel ill.

Though we know some might find these steps unnecessary or excessive, we just want our members to know that we are taking this seriously and doing what we can to consider everyone’s health and peace of mind.


We also want to thank you all again for all of your support over these last few years. We’re so thankful for our loyal members. We appreciate all of you.


-The Focus Fitness Team